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The House of Bob podcast is an actual play RPG show that covers a variety of systems, genres and playstyles: from Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) to Degenesis, from pirates to sandwich artists, and tabletop games of many varieties. We strive to hit that perfect balance of gameplay, roleplaying, improv, serious and silly, but at the end of the day our number one goal is to have fun and produce a show that’s fun to listen to.

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Blackout [Preview]

Blackout [Announcement]

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Demon Form Zaltember

Customizing Encounters

House of Annihilation Epilogue

Roleplaying: A Group Interview with Shaun, Jake, & Alex

House of Annihilation Finale Part 2 [5E]


House of Bob is a group of like minded nerds based in Calgary, Canada. We love RPGs, games, storytelling, and creating. Oh, and Star Wars. We like Star Wars a lot. We’ve been a group since 2004 and have honed goofing off to a fine art. We meet regularly to play games, nerd out, and stretch our creative muscles, and we love to share the results with others. When we first started recording our RPG sessions it was just for ourselves - a useful tool for DMs to go back and review, or just for a nostalgic laugh. All that changed when “guy-who-knows-how-to-use-audio-editing-software” joined our group and we started releasing our episodes. At first, we didn't know if anything would come of it, but we’re thrilled to see that people are joining in and sharing in our stories.

New Episodes Every Other Week

Tune in for a variety of hilarious, intense, and super sexy gaming every other week. We are all about D&D, RPGs, Tabletop RPGs (TTRPG), with a commitment to actual play in our podcast content. If you miss out, you'll be cursed with a lifetime of remorse. Stay a while and listen!