This campaign features an introduction to the Lancer RPG system by Massif Press. The players take on the role of Lancers: elite pilots of powerful mechanized cavalry. 

The Long Rim is an area of space with no habitable worlds, few resources and limited access to the blink or omninet. It is of value only because it is the sole route by which ships from the central galaxy can reach a hotly contested frontier, called the Dawnline Shore.

Union has decided to send teams to start improving the situation by meeting with these various enterprises to improve relationships, curb piracy, and ensure the safety of travelers and locals.

And so, we join the party en route to the station Sigil-1 Rotunda as members of the newly formed Long Rim Outreach Program.

Vertigo Chapter 04 [Lancer]

“You’re so shredded” Val, Exodus, P.C.B., and Vestige learn valuable life lessons about invisibility and area of effect attacks. Meanwhile, a new threat is emerging…

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Vertigo Chapter 02 [Lancer]

“Embrace the Vacuum” Vertigo Squad finishes their business on the station, before receiving a distress call and springing into action. Album Art: by Jake

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