The Daveyville Incident

Join the House of Bob, with special guests Steph and Sylvia, for a dramatic retelling of frighteningly absurd infamous Daveyville Incident, powered by the Fiasco improv game. The Daveyville Incident is a Fiasco Oneshot, recorded for Halloween 2018.

House of Annihilation

House of Bob brings you their playthrough of the Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Adventure Path. The entire world is beset by a terrible death curse the likes of which no one has ever seen, rotting the living bodies of anyone previously raised from the dead and capturing the souls of both the living, … Continued

Special Delivery

Four freshly-promoted Troubleshooters embark on a fun & mandatory mission to serve Friend Computer and protect Alpha Complex from treasonous mutants… Special Delivery is a Paranoia XP one-shot adventure GM’d by Shubert for the House of Bob RPG podcast.


Your father always told you stories about Flavortown. About the immense palace,with the tip of each tower and parapet painted a brilliant blonde. About the channels of Donkey sauce that wind through the streets. About the great bacon-lattice wall that protects it from intruders. And so much more. You always thought he was crazy. He … Continued

Chronicles After the End

In the dark and gritty post-post-apocalyptic world of Degenesis, horrors of customer service and the absurdity of camping by the road come to life. This antiques roadshow isn’t stopping for passengers as they uncover strange mysteries, and battle strange wasteland mutants in a bid for supremacy!

Hunt for the Last Jedi

In our Star Wars: Edge of the Empire one-shot a dangerous team of bounty hunters joins forces in a bid to capture one of the last remaining Jedi during the first tumultuous years of Emperor Palpatine’s glorious reign. Hold onto your fanny packs, this one’s a wild ride!