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Disasteroid [Long Time Listener Last Time Caller]

“I know a thing or two about a 6 out of 10 makeout”

Tune in to 96.66FM the KNEE with the House of Bob, Tales From The Glass Guarded World and special guests Vivian, John, and Adam to play this collaborative improv game set in a radio show at the end of the world.

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Blackout Chapter 41 [The Sprawl]

Episode Notes “Government-mandated vape break” This meeting could have been an email. Countdown Clocks Album Art: by JakeAudio Production by Astronomic Audio Featuring:Jake as

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Blackout Chapter 34 [The Sprawl]

“Head Confetti” You were right about one thing Master, the negotiations were short. Countdown Clock Album Art: by JakeAudio Production by Astronomic Audio    Featuring:Jake as

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Blackout Chapter 33 [The Sprawl]

Episode Summary “#Justice4Pam” The team searches out allies and equipment as they prepare to face off with long-time adversary, Nickel. [Countdown Clock]( Episode Notes “#Justice4Pam”

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Oasis Down Part 2 [5e]

Episode Notes “I’ve never smote before” Having made a tenuous alliance with a strange enemy soldier, the Hound Lord’s elite forces must discover what is

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Oasis Down Part 1 [5E]

Episode Notes “The obvious leader” On a critical mission for the Hound Lord, an elite group of soldiers goes behind enemy lines, finding a surreal,

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