“Strangers are just friends I don’t know yet”

The Passing Angel Axiom is built around the belief that the city blackouts are divine punishment from supernatural beings. We take a break from the action at VanTle harbour to watch four acolytes of the Axiom, keen to undergo their rights of initiation…

Album Art: https://i.imgur.com/Zs5TxYc.png
Artwork by Shubert
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Jake as The GM
Cristina as Triple B
Dan as Dandilion
Shaun as Bogden
Shubert as Lex

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“Beachfront Property”, “Mourning Sunrise”, “Branches”, “Top Yearner”, “Eh Eh”, “Make No SARS”, “Deadlines”, “Vloggers”, “Yawn Tree”, “Ozone St Martha”, “Pan for Quarters”, “Henderson”
John Julius john-r-julius.bandcamp.com

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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