House of Annihilation Chapter 20 [5E]

“I am a very skilled and wonderful person”
Album Art:
Fan favourites Faroul and Gondolo are back for another wacky side adventure, this time joined by the suave Jason Drake Grayson. Together, the dashing trio hatch a plot to escape the terrifying Yuan-ti, proving that three heads are indeed better than one.

Artwork by @cosmicamazing
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Shaun as The Dungeon Master
Shubert as Faroul
Trevor as Jason Drake Grayson

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“Twisted”, “Suave Standpipe”, “Enter the Maze”, “Lagoa”, “Junkyard Tribe”, “Dreams Become Real”, “Myst on the Moor”, “Lightless Dawn”, “Brittle Rille”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0